I want my posts to appear in individual boxes instead of the flat page. How can I do this?

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sfortson Premium
This will depend on your theme. The Astra theme offers the boxed in posts, that is what I use currently.
Hope this is helpful.
Triblu Premium
Hey Nancy,

Perhaps you are meaning you want your posts displayed on your blog roll with short paragraphs rather than the full length posts.

If so, then the following tutorial may offer you the help you seek: Hope you find this helpful.
lesabre Premium
Hi Nancy, I do believe that would be a theme related situation. My posts do appear in their own category, not sure if that is what you are looking for though. Perhaps we could exchange URL's in a PM.
DJCubby Premium
Hi :)

Making posts into little boxes is called a magazine style. If you have a theme that supports that, then you would probably change it in the customize area. You can find that under "appearance" on your WordPress dashboard.

If your theme doesn't support it, then you would have to get a theme that does. Not all of them do.

If you do need to find a new theme for that, I would make that my next question. Ask people if they can recommend a good magazine style theme.
rubyandally Premium
I'm not entirely sure what you mean but I will try to help :-)

I can only suggest that you play around with different themes and see if there is another one that presents the posts the way you hope for. Can you take a screenshot to demonstrate?