I transferred my website here and enabled the SSL
Google analytics is not displaying correct data

What I did when I transferred..
Created different properties on webmaster tools
4 properties
http://www. >this is the original
Then I added
total: 4 properties

I then edited property settings to https://
on webmaster tool: set preferred domain to non-www (on all properties)

I also deactivated google xml sitemap plugin by Arne and I enabled the yoast sitemap..then submited the new sitemap to one property which is the https:// only.
Should I submit the new sitemap to other properties or no?

I also did the search and replace on google analytics
and set 301 on .htacess.. to resolve the redundant hostname but it is still pending..

Can anyone advise me on what I did wrong?
I feel like I'm not seeing correct data

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Triblu Premium
Hey Ann,

Doing a quick Googles search ... here's the results: http://bit.ly/2jXp8uw there are several posts offering help.

Hope this helps you.
joannn Premium
Thank you :)
Keyword I ranked before dropped..maybe that's why I no longer am seeing the same stats as before.