I would like to create a similar box like the one in this article "Our Pick", with Amazon Affiliate Link with picture, product name and "Buy Now" button for my visitor to click.

Here is the post I am referring to:

Any suggestion for this method? Do I need to use a plug-in or something else?

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davehayes Premium
Looks like you have an answer
ThomasTay Premium
Yes, thank you for dropping by to help.
richardgb Premium
Hi Thomas, as Phil (feigner) suggests, you can use the block editor ... select a block at the point where you want to add the effect. You can give the block a background colour of your choice and if you select Paragraph you can place whatever text and links you want into the area.
I use Kadence Blocks for a few things, but I think that for this effect you can use any text block.
ThomasTay Premium
Hi Richard,
Thank you for the suggestion. I will look into that.
feigner Premium
that one is created with a plugin called getlasso
paid for one ...but i am sure you can find one that is a free one that will do the job
even if you have to go to the block editor rather than the classic editor
create one and save it as a tamplate to be reused when you need it....
get generateblocks plugin and kadenceblocks plugin and i am sure with hte amazon image ( large) you can recreate something like this...
good luck
ThomasTay Premium
Hi Feigner,
Wow... you got it. So much thanks for your input. Now I know which plug-in they used, but looking at the pricing of $29/month it is too expensive for me now to use it. Perhaps when my traffic become higher.
Meanwhile will explore your suggestion using the block editor to do the trick.
Thank you so much for the advise.
feigner Premium
no worries....
take your time and you will get there...
set up a test siterubix site to play around with bits like this...
if you have ten mins free then pop in there and try to create hte box...or learn a bit more to get you towards it...
this way you are less reliant on plugins and have a much more curious mind...
ThomasTay Premium
That’s right.
A curious mind will pick up a lot of unknown during the journey.
Thank you for the advice. 😊
JHurray Premium
Log in to your Amazon Associates account.
Open a new tab and directly go to Amazon on the home page and search for the product. The associate’s Site stripe will appear at the top of every page.
You can choose whether you want a text-only link or image only link or a text + image link.

also, I've done custom links before...
Custom affiliate links can be created on the affiliate area step using the Link Builder element. Affiliates will find custom links in their affiliate area.
ThomasTay Premium
Thank you JHurray for the comment.
Your suggestion for the custom affiliate link give me some idea to explore in future.