Sub-divide Media into User Respective Categories

I have a WordPress site that has a number of users and each user is allowed to upload any number of images. I would like a way to categorize the images into sub-folders in respect to each user. At this point the number of images is becoming unmanageable.

I would like to achieve the same for any pages the user creates but this is less of a problem at the moment.

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blogdog Premium
I use the plugin "Media File Manager"
dblacksmith Premium
Hi blogdog
This plug in looks promising. I will try it on one of my other sites first to see how it behaves. I notice that in 2012 there were a number of glitches that people had. In you experience have you had any problems with it?
crazymonk86 Premium
your talking about adding subfolders to your uplaod folder which i believe can be done in your ftp folders access your ftp folders cheers