I have tried doing this by trying to select the writing I want enlarged and colour changed, but for the life of me every time I try I end up turning most page the same style.
I am sure I am missing a simple trick here but please someone put my mind at rest.

Thank you!

Example below: -

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jeremy111 Premium
Hey Bryan.
1- Put quotes around the words you want to show as quote.
2- Highlight those words, quotes included.
3- Click button in the editor with the big black quotation marks.
Go preview changes and it should be good.
If it don't work, let me know and we'll get you some more help.
BryanLarkin Premium

With your help and now working out that the paragraph needs 2 spaces gap otherwise it links in with the above or below paragraph!!

Thank you Jeremy!

Massive help. Enjoy your weekend.

jeremy111 Premium
You're welcome Bryan!
Have a great weekend.