I'm selling online courses through OptimisePress and my website is not sending emails when I test the purchase process. OptimisePress says that it is a hosting issue.
How do I get my site to send emails?

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HildeRegine Premium Plus
With optimize press you need to set up integration with your Autoresponder (aweber, mailpoet etc to optimizepress) and also with your paymentprovider (zapier, Paypal or others. Optimizepress have FAQ where the integrations with each autoresponder is described in detail. I hope that will help you.
TammyLM Premium
Hi, thank you for responding.
I have OP3 integrated with mailchimp. But now that you mention it, I need to test it to see if the integration with this particular domain is actually working.

I set my course up following the OP3 online course tutorials; which uses free plugins to limit user access and to send the confirmation, login emails etc. So as far as I understand the set up, these emails don't go through my autoresponder. They go from the software loaded in my wordpress backend.

The confusion that I am having is that the emails aren't sending.
I am wondering if it has to do with the fact that I have my domain emails forwarded to a private gmail account which is also set up to send as my website domain address. For instance; I have my Weathly Affiliate website emails forwarded to my tlmartintraining@gmail.com email address. But I have that email send as tammy@leapintoyoufitness.com.
I wonder, could the forwarding from WA and the "sending as" be part of the problem?
What else do I look at?

I hope this isn't confusing. I'm trying to explain it as clearly as I can.

TammyLM Premium
This site is also a subdomain of my business site.
HildeRegine Premium Plus
I guess there are only a few settings to do before it works. Did you create an API key within your Mailchimp Account?

Here is how:

You go to the extra menu and Account in your mailchimp dashboard and click create a key. Copy the Key and go to your website Go to Integrations in your wordpress Dashboard. Add a new integration. Find the picture where it says Mailchimp API integration. Add the key you created and save.

Now you can connect it: Go to OP3 dashboard, Integrations, Add new integraion. Search for Mailchimp integration. Holding your mouse over it a connect button appears. Click connect. You will den be directed to your Mailchimp login. Login and now you are connected.

It should work doing this
TammyLM Premium
Hi, I'm pretty sure that the problem isn't with my mailchimp. These emails are formatted in the WP backend and WP should be triggered to send them when someone purchases the course.

I reached out to OP support and this is what they said.

"OptimizePress does not actually send any emails. We only create the email templates, and then trigger those templates to be used when orders are placed. Those emails are generated using those templates and then the default WordPress email functions are used, which then sends the email to your web hosting server to be processed. The actual sending of the email would be processed by your web host.

Unfortunately the way WordPress handles the emails can sometimes not meet the standards of the web host's email configuration, so it may sometimes be necessary to use an SMTP connection to bypass WordPress's normal way of sending emails."

He then suggested a plug in which I have tried before, but don't have the expertise to set it up properly.

So, I guess my questions are;
Is there something that needs to be fixed with the website?
Can these emails be sent out from Wordpress with Wealthy Affiliate Hosting or do I need the plugin?
HildeRegine Premium Plus
What autoresponder are you using?