I was able to add it properly but I need to delete/change it as I changed my theme. The image no longer appears in Appearance/Customize/Site Identity but it still appears in the browsers. Thanks for any suggestions.

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lesabre Premium
Sorry Debbie, wish I could help. I do see Triblu has given you some information. Hope everything works out.
seconds2work Premium
Hi Debbie,
You can remove the favicon like this;

1 -login into your website back office section.
2 -click on appearance in the sidebar on the left.
3 -click on customize.
4 -click on Site Identity.
5 -click on Remove( it's under Site Icon)
I hope this helps.

God bless you
davehayes Premium
Well done LeNard
dragonfly10 Premium Plus
Thank goodness for Triblu. I did not have a clue.
Triblu Premium
Hey Debbie,

If it is STILL there after you have deleted it from your Media Library AND your Site Identity, and REFRESHED your browser (even try loading your site in a totally different browser to make sure)... then you will need to contact SiteSupport. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites/support
It sounds to me though the caching is holding it in place.

Hope this helps you.
MKearns Premium
Good question Deb. I never thought about this need!
DebbieRose Premium
I hope someone has an answer....I don't want it to be that it's not possible once it is done.