I am always seeing the typical layout of a list of posts, one after the other as you scroll down - Instead how can you create thumbnails of your posts so that they appear side by side on the page??
My website theme is Wordpress.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated and many thanks everyone:)

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FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Hi Farah,
If you want your blog roll to look more graphic then add a featured image to each post and arrange them in 2 to 3 columns, if your theme supports this.
I use Generatepress theme but only the paid version supports columns.
Triblu Premium
Hey Farah,

Having Google searched your question, I think you will find lots of helpful tips in the search results should you decide to ask Google, and then read through a few of the posts to see which one you'd like to try first. See screen print below...

PLEASE, back up your website before making ANY changes so that should something go wrong you can recover your site as it was before the changes started.

If you need a great backup plugin, here's the one I recommend: as I use it for regular backing up sites.

Hope you find this helpful.
JeannineC Premium
If you are using the official merchant datafeed, often the images include a thumbnail image of the product. That's what we usually include in the datafeeds from Awin and ShareASale.
AbieAJ Premium Plus