I am trying to move my Top Navigation Menu to the footer, but it shows up in both the top as well as the footer. How do I fix this?

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Jmihedji Premium
I've switched themes and moved it from one location to another, I just didn't want to delete it because I felt like I would lose it and have to recreate it again.
Kwaiden Premium
Removing the menu from a location shouldn't delete the menu. It hasn't for me anyways.
Aussiemuso Premium
This can be so frustrating. You will probably have to delete it in your header but your theme can block you.
Try changing it in your customize section.
Lily 😊
Kwaiden Premium
I've found that the theme you're using affects your ability to do this. At least it does for me anyways.
merlynmac Premium
It depends on your theme but you should be able to either delete or disable the top menu.
feigner Premium
Jefrey - it might be worth removing the menu from the top location under menu location and see if that does it.
have fun