Hi, my WA friends

Is WA support can solve the two problem "No HTTP response detected" and "Missing analytics.js script" on Google Analytics?

Or this two problem need to solve by Google Analytics support team?

Please let me know if someone who have the experience on this issue.

Thank You

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Triblu Premium
Hey Nico,

Looks like you are using an OLD Tracking ID.

1.) you need to be using HTTPS - your SSL certificate IF your website is being hosted on WA servers.

2.) you need to apply to Google Analytics for a new tracking ID for using with your HTTPS address of your website. Hope you find this helpful.
anusuya1 Premium
Google can help here. May be requesting site support can be faster.
ChrystopherJ Premium
How and where did you add your UA code within your WordPress website?

If you log out of WordPress, visit your homepage, then right-click and View Source, can you see your UA code in the header tags?
Gordon-D Premium
Ask support to have a look for you, they may be able to tell you what is wrong.