What are the steps for getting started with Generate Press?

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BrightSales Premium
Some great answers form the other helpful members friend. All the best!
MarionBlack Premium
In your WordPress dashboard go to Appearance > Themes > Add New and search for GeneratePress. Install and activate. Then go to Appearance > Customize to modify the default settings to whatever you want your site to look like.
Shawntrout Premium
can you elaborate a little on the question. Do you want to switch your website to a generate press theme?
If that is the question, then you need to go to your WordPress dashboard; on the side, there will be an option for "Appearance," then you will select Themes. a list of themes will then populate, generate press should be one of the top ones, find that theme, and select activate, and that will install generate press as your theme for your website. Let me know if that helped at all. Thanks!

JFergus Premium
Hi Shawntrout - I already have Generate Press installed. I would like specific information on settings using the Generate Press theme. Is it the same as any other wordpress theme? What is the best tutorial?
Sy9 Premium
Let's do it, WordPress