This is probably a very silly question but does being logged into my site affect people viewing my pages and posts? Or is it only the specific post you're altering? I seem to have quite a few people saying they are getting errors recently or just a blank could be something else of course but thought I'd double check! Thanks!

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Louise2812 Premium
Thanks everyone - I think I'll get in touch with tech support as there's definitely something up....
mtrew2015 Premium
You should be okay. Once the site loads, the script doesn't usually automatically reload until they click another page =)
onmyownterms Premium
Only if you are activating plug-ins, changing themes or upgrading Wordpress - those things will take you into maintenance mode and could bump people off your site.
MikaelM Premium
No it should not give any problems that you are logged in and working on your site.

If people are seeing errors or blank pages, it is probably coming from something else. Ask the people that tell you about to tell you what pages the errors are on and check them on different browsers. Sometimes there can be errors on different browsers depending on the theme.

Or if everything looks fine from your end maybe it was just a glitch or you should consider contacting support and see if there is a technical error.