I had Ali planned this weekend for my site but all of Saturday I could not log in. I can open my WA page but as soon as I try log into my site I just get a blank white screen. I've woken up Sunday to still have the same problem?.

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KatieMac Premium
Mine seems all fine have you submitted a support ticket
geraldkew Premium
No problems for me. I filed a support ticket around 2-3 am yesterday and the issue was resolved really quick, cheers!
IMc Premium
Probably something wrong with the functions.php file. ( I've had the same thing happen in the past. ) Could be caused by a plugin doing something it shouldn't after an upgrade. Could be something as simple as having just an empty line in the code.

If your site is hosted on WA, send support a message.
Darwyn Premium
Put in a support ticket Kirby. I had a similar problem and they were able to sort it for me.
AngelsBird Premium

Did you already try to reset your password, if not, try that first.
If that does not help, please do not lose more time and just open a ticket at https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites/support .
You will probably be logged on again within the hour...