I get an error when trying to set up an autoresponder. The SMTP settings information given on my Atmail login are not correct. I have tried every possible configuration and none of it is working. Below are the questions asked and I put the corresponding information in each box as shown in my atmail settings. I am choosing unlimited messages sent. Is there a limit on how emails can be sent in a certain time? If so, what should I be selecting for number of emails per how many minutes?

1 Name Atmail

2 SMTP host smtp.siterubix.com

3 SMTP port 25

4 SMTP username my domain is listed as username

5 SMTP password is chosen by system. I tried copy and paste and entering manually

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Triblu Premium
Hey Simon,

This may be an issue best asked of SiteSupport.

Do make sure to provide them with all the details you've shared here so they will be able to help you out quicker.

Hope you find this helpful.