Hi WA Community.

I am finally getting back to it and after a few years of studying and now getting back into the swing of business after the pandemic.

I am ironing out the creases and doing things properly.

I will be using WA as a knowledge bank and community (As well as building my own portfolio website)...

However I am trying to work out the best way to use WA and Google's G Suite, to manage my business activity.

I know that you can setup email aliases on WA, but you can also do that within G suite.

Am I right in thinking that I should now just set them up in G Suite and any that I have already created in WA, as long as they are the same will populate in the webmail and G Suite?

Or do I just delete all my email aliases on WA now and just create them in G Suite?

I am new to G Suite (Can you tell?)

Any advice on best way to get setup and use it effectively for business, I wouldbe GREATLY appreciative.

Thank you! :D


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Amar-V Premium
I g-suite and connected it to gmass.

I got rid of both because I thought the service is dead crap and customer support much worse.
BryanLarkin Premium
Ok, what do you use now?
Amar-V Premium
Nothing currently.
Thilese were supposed to be for bulk mailing purposes, for cold traffic.
fyre Premium
I've had G-Suite for a few months now and, honestly I still feel as fresh to it as you do.

Luckily, their customer support is decent so they helped me figure out a few things about importing my different gmail accounts but, I still feel a bit lost.

While I know my comment isn't terribly helpful I wanted to follow your question to see if any of our mentors can explain things in a way I can better understand as our community is always great like that.

I got G Suite to get more organized but, I got a bit overwhelmed and, I began feeling like it was my smart phone ---tons of features I have not yet learned to use!

I'm staying tuned and, calling G-Suite customer service this week to get more help as well.

I'll be staying tuned!
BryanLarkin Premium
Hey Fyre,

Thanks so much.

It is reassuring to find someone else at a similar stage and I am more than willing to help or chat about anything, so would be good to keep in contact.

I will also be reaching out to customer support to do the same.

Are you using the G suite learning centre? here is the link:


In this learning it talks about setting up a new chrome user, I have found this very useful to keep personal and work separate.

Have you got to the stage where you are creating email aliases for your business in G Suite or are you still using webmail service on WA for your emails linked to your domain?