Hi Community,

I bought a video software recently and somehow got a follow-up email about Brandan Mace "Brendan is all set to teach you guys "HOW to make your first 10k dollar per month business"
I had the video (audio) on play as I was driving to pass the time. It seemed very interesting and led to a sale of Project Profit Academy (via a FastWay10K.com website), it seemed to be a lead capturing system rather than traffic and done for you like many other promotions.
I see that he is a successful seller on Warrior Plus and google search of this lead to 2 reviews of his earlier products "The Awakening" and "Zero Work Hour Days". Look it was $1,997 for the purchase and the only review I could find was from a colleague of his - Jonas Lindgren.
QUESTION: Has anyone looked into the Project Profit Academy? I'd appreciate any insights. Thank you

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slaur0 Premium
The guy is ok, but the training program is way to expensive.
The program teaches how to build an email list with solo ads (so you have to invest a lot more money than $2000) and then monetize your list, that's it.
JohnJStanley Premium
Thank you for that Nice summary! Yes I got that too from reading the reviews.
JohnJStanley Premium
Thanks for the suggestions. I researched further and found a two reviews by Wealthy Affiliate members which were quite good. Both recommended against it. It is quite misleading what they are offering and it seems all about paying $2,000 to promote the $2,000 product. There are loads of other people promoting this product. Bit disappointed I spent so much time on this, but the claims sounded too good so it got my attention.
Triblu Premium
Hey John,

That sounds like a lot of money to be investing.

In doing a quick Google search, notice what comes up (see screen print below)... I'm referring to the "blackhat" topic... personally, I would be reading through the reviews, blackhat posts and nulled to be REAL sure before investing that kind of money.

Hope you find this helpful.
Freisia Premium
I get some emails from him but I have not been tempted to sign up so I would be interested to read a review too.