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Welcome Nadi5 to Wealthy Affiliate!So fun to se new people comming in to this wonderful community, I hope she will feel that she has been taking the right step when she joined WA just as I felt.Wealthy Affiliate is unique in the way it allows you to interact and follow other members in the community. Some people who have been in the industry for a long while and are very successful.There is plenty of support so don´t be afraid to ask questions. The WA community is comprised of members who
At last, just dont give up!Thank you David!With help from this awesome community, I made it! It was easy when I saw and understood what was wrong, as always.So Happy! Elma :))
Creating Wealthy Affiliate Funnels to Promote online.Hello friends, I have not been so activ here lately, I have been working with other stuffs. Everything is thanks to WA and this awesome community. :))Now I wonder if anyone can help me with this: How to put my picture in WA Landingpage. And the link below will show you my work, would like to know what you think about it. I am not finish with it yet, but I hope it soon will bee redy to promote online.
Change Your Life For the BetterSo many people are walking around wanting their life to change, it seems that they didn't follow the time and the development that are changing our world. The jobs that we had in the 1900 sensory won't last long it will be taking over by automatisation in our society, and our lives are going to change for the better.The average person doesn't think like that, every day all that they talk about is the lack of work and complaining about how their lives are.We have a
March 24, 2016
What is it that makes me driven to reach mine goal?Hello all of you friendly and helpful WA people.Sometimes I wonder why I am doing this especially when I am stuck. You and I know that nothing is easy in life and that everything we want to do needs an effort from us. This Internet marketing thing is not an easy pick, and it takes time. It is different to bee an entrepreneur in real life, not only that what you do, you can lay your eyes on and feel satisfaction about your work when the day is o
Hello WA friends.This week I have worked on my new computer, and I am happy to say that I like my choice. This last year I have been checking out what kind of a computer would suit me best and finally, I decided to have a Mac. So far I love it, all tho it takes some time to learn.It takes some time to make it all work out as I want to but I am now almost finish with what I had to do with programs that I like to have. Now I have some pictures and documents to transfer; I will do that bit by bit
When things change around you, it takes the time to accept and find new ways to deal with life.Maby I didn´t tell you that 2011 I was diagnosed having breast cancer, I still have one more year to take care of myself before it is all done. Had to close up my business that I have had over 20 years. I thought that my life was ending, and it felt as I did not have anything left to do in my life. But everything has gone well even if there has been many struggles with a lot of things along the
Would you share your profile with me, on LinkedinSharing is Caring.To help and create things has always been the favourite thing for me, also to help others to be self-employed. If you don't have accounts, you will want to set up one now. It will take some of your time to work with your profile, but I think it is worth it. LinkedIn is the Business website in the World. You can also have a LinkedIn Business page. You can invite your friend to your account, but you need to get plugged into a soci
Hello, WA Friends, About Google Rankings.I am getting emails from a guy Brian Dean; he always has fascinating things in his emails. In his last email, he is talking about how they have analyzed 1 million Google Search Results. In the early days of SEO, Google would determine a page’s topic by looking strictly at the keywords that appeared on the page. Now, it understands the meaning of the question and provides an answer.He also explains about Keywords, and how you should think about them