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I had a full time contract come to an end and as of April 1 I theoretically had 40 hours of free time to dedicate to Wealthy Affiliate and other interests. I thought I'd be kicking some serious butt by now, but those 40 hours were quickly allocated to freeing up time for my wife so she could focus on her business, driving kids to and from school, making lunches, shopping, cleaning, exercising, learning other skills. The list goes on and on.I am going to have to schedule my days more and ensure t
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I've picked a niche that seems to get bigger and bigger the more I get into it. That's not such a bid thing, I should never run out of materiel for blog posts. But with my latest post ( it was actually a problem. I started with some keywords that seem like good "low hanging fruit" and started typing. But as I wrote, more ideas came to me and the blog post started getting longer. The longer it got, but more I wanted to flesh out those ideas. The new
Well I've been a member for about 2 months now. Life has provided the usual unexpected interruptions so that I haven't been able to work on this every day. Every day I have work on it, I've learned more about the process. Upgrading to Premium was a good move since it opened up another educational stream and another niche to promote. Some days it seems like Jaaxy is a goldmine of possibilities, other days I just can't seem to find anything promising.Some WordPress plug-ins are more helpful than
March 03, 2015
Well I've been at this a little over a month. I've learned a decent amount. I can see that there is potential to make money, but I haven't made any yet. I feel I still have a lot to do before my site is going to generate traffic and I just need to keep at it. My first site is I had grand dreams for it, but I've scaled them back. I've removed a 5 top level menu tabs for now. I can always add them back in as I add content. It looks a lot better then most of the tabs goin