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Sup Everyone,

I'm 26 years old. Been in the game of Internet Marketing for 3 years mainly just getting Certified and educated in email marketing, search optimization and web copy writing.

Now, after 3 years of messing around with various "get-rich-quick" schemes, I am ready to really make money!

My main goal is to be a Full Time Internet Marketer from home running a successful Web Copy Writing company and doing affiliate marketing as a side business too.

I welcome all Big Thinkers and Entrepreneurs!
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music_mom30 Premium
e-MarketingGuy Premium
kurri Premium
Hi and Welcome back!
Your journey is inspiring to me and probably many other WA members who share similar stories and need to continue focusing on the long term picture and forget the hype!
All the very best to you!
Suave Doggie Premium
Hi Marshall,
You'll find great ideas here and wonderful people. They seem ready to help in areas that I am not strong in and I help in areas of my expertise...which is marketing, writing and creative. I was in the radio business for 30 years..so promotions, copy writing and marketing are my passion. Feel free to contact me.

Steve Benedict aka SuaveDog
Louise M. Premium
Hi and WELCOME ! Glad to have you here !

Feel free to contact me if you need help. Good luck ! :)
amazing1 Premium
Welcome to WA. I wish you well in your endeavors and into the upcoming holiday season and New Years. Please ask if you have any questions. Brian from Oregon USA.
e-MarketingGuy Premium
Thanks a lot man! That means a lot to me!