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I have been creating videos for local businesses and helping them to get on the first page of Google in their local markets.I had a funny thing happen to me yesterday that I wanted to share.I first create some test videos to see if I can rank for a particular keyword. I have been doing longer tail keywords in groups covering a niche and the local market to see what sticks.Sometimes Google will take one of my YouTube videos and rank it on another keyword even though all the video tags and infor
Thirty-six years ago this summer I was in the middle of Army Basic Training. I was still 17 for a couple of more months and I had just graduated from high school a few weeks before.What did I get myself into?Here is a picture of my new best friend at the time.What more could anyone ask for in life? He was a great mentor and helped me to learn and to grow. I had to learn quickly or he would really pay extra special attention to me! John Candy, The movie: StripesI also learned to surround mys
I am gone for a few weeks and so much is changed!There are so many new faces here at WA and sadly some familiar faces are gone. Welcome!!!I want to welcome all the new people to Wealthy Affiliate. You are part of a special family now.Remember that we are here for you. Just ask.If you are new here or you are new to me, then please keep in touch. I look forward to working with you in the future. Dave...
Hello to everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate!I have been gone for several weeks and I have missed you. The last few weeks have been both very rough and productive. Let me explain.We had a death of a very good family friend. My wife took it very hard and my special needs son took it hard. It was difficult for him to understand. I spent a great deal of time doing special family things.Another really big blow occurred just a few days before when we lost our legal battle for guardianship of our
June 01, 2016
Time marches on!!!It is June 1 which means that this year is almost half over already!I just put the party favors away from my new years party. The new years cake is not even moldy yet. Where does the time go?They say that time goes faster the older you get. Well, I must be getting pretty old because time is speeding along. There is so much to do and so little time to get it done. I have not even been here at WA for the whole week. I have let this go to work on my business.I have been lea
At 5:41 PM on this date 5 years ago, the most devastating and the deadliest tornado since 1950 hit the town of Joplin, Missouri. Over 158 people were killed and thousands were injured. The mile wide tornado cut a path across the entire town. This tornado was the costliest in US history. Thousands of buildings and homes were completely destroyed. One of the reasons why this tornado was so totally destructive was because it took over 20 minutes to go 6 miles across town. It was a slow monst
The blog graveyard where you can find forgotten blogs and postings that nobody reads or cares about. You have seen them... The sites that you click on that have an article or blog that is boring and lifeless. Your reaction is to back away and leave the site quickly because the content is not engaging and targeted. After all, the purpose of searching for something on the Internet is find answers or to find a solution to a specific problem or need. You either want education about a subject or
I just saw this in my emails so I thought that I would share it with you.I do not know the author so I cannot give proper credit. This is something that I have done in Internet marketing and I am sure many of you have done the same.Enjoy. Dave.Analogy ofShiny Object SyndromeThis relates to some of us andour attitudes towards internetmarketing.Some of us never see anyresults because we bail shipway too soon.Let’s say you sign up for a luxurycruise to blah blah land.All of asudden the shi
I have been going backwards this week! From 25 to 29.What's Up With That?Not exactly a success, or is it?If WA ranking was the only measure of success, then I have not been doing so well. True success, however, is not measured in rank. Let us take a closer look at my week.I have been learning a great deal about social sites and how they will help my business. This has been a weak area for me so learning this information is a giant step forward in the success of my business.I have been writing
May 09, 2016
Social media has always been my weak point. I have been working hard at learning and catching up so that I can use social media more in my business. Social media and mobile devices are the future so if you have been like me, then it is time to join me and get on board.Facebook is a very interesting media, to say the least. Many of you have stated that you don't like Facebook. I personally do not like the way it intrudes into your life. I don't want to be linked with people from my past or