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October 28, 2018
Hi fellow WA, Although probably not worthy of 'breaking news' status. I just wanted to tell you that a few weeks in to my WA journey, the content for my first website has been indexed on Google.The training at WA is amazing and really does work. I'd also like to say thank you to the community for being so encouraging and supportive.Thank you Justin
October 19, 2018
Hello fellow affiliates. This is my first blog and am really new to this - I am 79% through Level one training.Every one who has said hi or commented has been really positive and encouraging. The community at WA seems like having a safety net as I take my first tottering steps into what I hope (no, I know - must be positive) will be a profitable journey.It is so reassuring knowing people are there to help pick me up if I stumble and point me in the right direction. I read an article about affil