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July 05, 2020
Wow! What can I say? There is a change! Today I came into my WA and going to my website something pops up before me with "Congratulation'! I hurridly read to see for what; I laughed, this is not the first time but it is a bit different. I clicked on my profile and saw that I have earned ambassador badge. the 200 was there in bright beautiful colour. For a long time I was displeased about many of the experiences I have here at WA. But the truth is today I am very happy about this badge.You might
July 05, 2020
Wow! The second time but this one is different. Today I came to my website and a message pops up before me with a congratulation! I looked through the text and saw that I have earned the Ambassador Badg. I clicked my profile and saw the bagd for myself, The first time it was a mistake I pointed it out and it was quickly removed. I consider if somebody is becoming concern about my concerns. Why my videos won't load here? Anyway I am happy about the badg and for that I am trully saing: thank you
May 16, 2020
Who is Looking Out? To all people who are affected by the Pandemic CCVID 19 whether directly or indirectly, this is for you, it is kind of impossible to walk into water without your feet being wet! The onset of the pandemic is very scary, one will never know who will be its next victim, however, there are guidelines set by Government bodies that citizens of the nations should follow to stay as safe as they possible can during this time. One sure thing that all should observe and take seriously;
My first sale!!!After three years and three months I made my first sale. Hamm! What am I supposed to do at this time? Am I to laugh or cry? Are you feeling what I felt? Have you ever wake-up in the middle of a nightmare and feel as if your whole body is numb and does not make sense to you? That was how I felt. Mind you, I barely have Internet supply since December twenty eight 2019. I knew my contract would be expired thirtieth March so I have signed up with another provider, one I believe will
December 05, 2019
Well, well, well. It is me again. Yes; Dorcas! I had taken a step that surprises me! I never convinced myself that I should take up the Black Friday offer. Because, last evening I had corrected the latest attacked on my best website. I wanted to put a gold ring into my opponent’s nose and attached a live one-ten wire to it. But God helped me, I am not near enough to the culprit. Because I have an idea who. I said I would not renew my membership come twenty twenty. But seeing the offer eve
September 28, 2019
I have eaned my 200 Rank badg today! I consider it as a sense of motivation. Dispite of my heartache, I am saying, Thank you Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks to the community of helpful membere. I really appreciate your help.
What Has Happen to Site Comment Credit?Gone are the days when I use to have one hundred and more credits, waiting to be used on my web-posts. I inquired inside and was advised to buy credit. I would not take it as an insult, if I was making money over the past year and eight months. But I am not making money, and the reasons is not all my responsibility. If I pay to be on WA’s platform, with all its good promises in training. I should be treated as a paid member. There should be no prefe
Some Things That We Take for Granted They hurt to the core!!!We as people are living in a real world where real things occur daily. It makes no sense when we pretend that we are not negatively affected from these occurrences, because we are affected some of us more severe than some others but negativity affects all of us.If an email account is not necessary, why any company you are going to do business with require from you an email address? Why? There is a person by the name of “Sue&rdqu
May 03, 2019
When you are in business, and you find that you are getting a fight from someones who think they are sturdy and untouchable, do not become daunted, neither be you terrified at the actions. They can only keep you down as long as you allow them to dominate over you. Always keep in your mind that the world is an "everybody place". No one person nor one group of people owns the world. So it is in business, there is never a one-person business nor a one company business. Multiple people make the bus
October 26, 2018
Some problems seems to be illusive. The more energy you exert on them is the more thay become provoking. Worst when you never used profinity in all of your days.I have some Websites here on the WA platform. Only God's grace is keeping me from loosing my mind the way that issues backed up on them. And sad to say I have no help!!! from withen WA. I have submitted tickets until I feel insulted, I feel foolish,Truthfully speaking; my Premium membership means nothing here at WA.One of the things tha