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I have been making websites and online businesses since 2001. When I was earning over $3,500 a month - I started taking night classes at my high school to finish graduation. I'm happy to spread my knowledge and wealth of information on how others can become digital pioneers.
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Oct 20, 2018
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How much money would you be happy earning?

How much would you be ecstatic earning?

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
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Carson Premium
Success starts with goals and you're that much closer to achieving them now!

Your goals will be a reality and you will come closer to achieving them with every lesson here at WA! I know that you can do it and you've got an entire community of people in your corner :)

I look forward to working with you and helping out in every way I can!

IntroVent Premium
Wow! $2? I'm impressed, I must say, that earning $2 will make you happy, but I will admit, that I saw someone on here very excited that they earned their first dollar and some change, so I get it!

I believe you came to the right place!

In goal setting, it is always appropriate to set achievable goals, then reset them once they are reached.

Congratulations on starting toward your goals! Hop,fully, in a few months, as you are on your way, I will get to see that $2 goal get upgraded.

Now get out there and make it happen!
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dragonfly10 Premium
Welcome to WA. You have joined the best platform for affiliate marketing on the net! Congratulations on going premium. Welcome to your journey to financial freedom. Remember this journey is a process, of hard work training, and patience. Our community is very diverse, and there is always someone on hand to help you out. If you have not filled out your profile, please complete this step. Your profile helps the community get to know you better, your strengths, and commonalities. Now all you have to do is jump straight into training and shoot for the moon. you come with a skill set that should help you on your Journey,
DonnieK2 Premium
You've gotten a great head start on gathering knowledge and thank you for your willingness to share/spread it!

bexfiliate Premium
Hey! Thank you for the kind comment you left on my profile. May I have a link to your site to check it out?? Thanks again and have a solid day ahead!

Randy29072 Premium
LouieLuc Premium
Hi Ursula!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!! :)
I'm Louie from https://buzznitrous.com and https://incomeprodigy.com and I'm also a Wealthy Affiliate member.

I've been creating websites and online businesses since 1999/2000 so I can say I have lots of experience.

I'm absolutely sure you are going to love it here.
Wealthy Affiliate is an AWESOME community with tons of kind and helpful members (including me, of course) that will be supporting you towards your goals and success!

If there's anything you need from me or anything you need help with, just ASK ME. :) I'll be sure to help you out gladly. :)

Don't forget to complete your profile so you can get started learning everything you need right from the start. That's your first step towards making your dreams come true.

... after you compile your profile you'll have a 7-day period where you can subscribe to the paid Premium membership with a 59% discount on your first month. That's only a $19 fee for the first month!!

But this discount only applies IF you take action within the first 7 days after you joined WA.

You'll also get my personal help through private messages if you become a Premium member.

Why only through paid membership?
Because private messaging is only available that way, so you can contact high ranking members and even the owners, Kyle and Carson.

Nevertheless, you can also contact me via email, just check my site's contact page for more info.

So act now to start building your online success TODAY!

To your success, Ursula -- YOU'LL DO IT, just believe it and TAKE ACTION,