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Time to do another 21-day countdown, this time towards Wealthy Affiliate's 12th-Year Anniversary on Sep. 9th, 2017!!!Congratulations Kyle, Carson, Jay & all the WA elites!If one starts a 21-day countdown to build a good habit, e.g. blogging everyday or doing a little something to further one's online business, we'll establish a good habit at the end of the 21 days, the same number of days it takes a chicken to hatch an egg.Enjoy! Cheers!Don
July 24, 2017
Finally. Finally. Finally. No exclamation points.AND! Here are the exclamation points! Three referrals! 2,612 followers! Course 3, here I come! 2 domain names! 23 approved comments! 8 pages! 3 posts! 11 unpublished drafts of blog posts for my website(s)!Following 19,033 friends. And you are one of them.Cheers!DonPS. Some of you already know, that my focus is now on the training and my website. Still helping within the community but the balance will tilt, has tilted... this is Week 6, Day 6 into
It's already July 21, 2017 elsewhere, so, Happy 36th Birthday, Kyle!I can't find any free Happy Birthday images so I have to use the one below, Kyle, from 15 years ago! LOL!Cheers!Don
My best friend's thirteen-year old son always jokes around and says, "That's what she said," to any conversation that closely resembled something sexual in nature.If I said, "That banana is long," he'd respond, "That's what she said."If his younger sister started to cry after spilling her drink, "I'm wet," his quick comeback is, "That's what she said."I called my friend and she had me on speakerphone, while I was telling her about my website and how I want, high quality, long content, and her s
Do One Online Good Deed (or More) A DayMore than 3 years ago, in June of 2014, B.W. (Before WA - for me anyway), I created a Facebook Page called "One Good Deed A Day," just because. was then, thinking more, of good deeds out there in the real world. Today, more than 3 years later, especially, after almost 6 weeks into WA, doing good deeds ONLINE is also a good idea to promote. In the real online world.Within the WA community, it's very easy to meet this quota
20 My Online Business Earns $250,000 Dollars A Year Affirmations1. I am running an online business that's generating $250,000 a year!2. I am so ecstatic that I am now earning money even while I'm sleeping!3. My online business is now generating $250,000 a year and growing!4. I am so thankful for all the passive income that all my online businesses earn!5. I am so happy and grateful that my online business is now earning $250,000 a year!6. I am so thrilled that I am running a successful online
Come and have a wealthy lifestyle, do join us here and stay awhile. We've got Paul, Loes and Michael, Jay and Carson, and of course, Kyle.Set your account up, and be an affiliate, start with Course one lessons & get a certificate. Go upgrade next to be a Premium associate, and truly be a community advocate.You ask questions, they get answered. We help others, and pay it forward.Click the pen up top, right off the bat, Or click the left blue link and join the Live Chat.Following others doe
July 09, 2017
Rank 99.More importantly, I'm past the hallway point of Course 2.I got a referral today (JFuse aka Jolie - please feel free to say hi. Very gorgeous lady).A banned member is back. We're all getting along, it seems.I published a new page with at least 1200 words, and graphics. My Content Quality & Variety is finally at 100%.I commented on 4 member websites. Got 2 comments back.Let's do this again! Rinse and repeat!Cheers!Don
July 08, 2017
YouTube MarketingYouTube has an audience of over a billion people! And video marketing is now the latest trend. Be on the bandwagon now by having a YouTube channel. Establish a niche. Then, start making your videos. Make sure to produce quality content and establish authority in your niche. It can be YouTube music marketing or any YouTube videos marketing for that matter.You will need a YouTube marketing plan to start. It doesn't have to be anything formal. You want "YouTube marketing for small
20 Design & Attract Your Ideal Life AffirmationsI design my life and I am the architect, builder and creator of my life.I am blessed with an incredible supportive family, a circle of close friends and business affiliates who are behind me one hundred percent.I am growing, expanding and thriving.My potential to succeed is infinite.I am an achiever and I own my life.I have endless talents which I use everyday for my good and the good of others.I possess the qualities I need to be successfulI