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March 03, 2019
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur of some type who already has a business plan in the works?If your target is to become self-employed, enabling you to generate enough income to support yourself, your trick might be to focus less on your career progression and more on your own well-being.Whether you realize it or not, productivity and success in the workplace go hand-in-hand with your outlook on life.Nonetheless, look at some advantages to bring an appreciative mindset into your current practice
I am sure we all know a person or two that enjoys using the phrase, “I can’t” before ever trying whatever it is they are replying, “I can’t” too! They will in most cases, in the same breathe, offer reasons for why they make this statement, never giving reasons why they could.Regardless of who that person may be, don’t let them turn you on to “I can’t” because you can! If you are reading this post, I know you can, being a member of WEA
February 25, 2019
In today’s society we have all kinds of additives that people might use to increase their brain power and memory from things as simple as breathing cleaner air to taking high power multiple vitamins. With the surge of technology advancements we have come to a point that understanding how our brain works and thrives, we tend to follow scientist finding more in order to prolong our active brain functioning.I recently had the opportunity to read up on one doctors book on his research, studie
Do we ingrain or engrave knowledge into one's soul here at WA? Well, if you were speaking with my mother some years ago, she would have sworn that you had to «engrave» somethings into my head since I often forgot or misplaced things or did not follow directions well. While to answer this question more precisely, we would be more app to ingrain the belief, the habit or one's attitude in a person, that being a lot less painful. It is with an attitude that I have established here at W
Just a quick "2" finger typing update! I haven't been very active lately due to my hands (left: 2 broken fingers, right: 3 fingers cut) being injured in a freak lumber stacking accident. I am getting full motion back but typing is still waiting to be a little more flexible. For now, pecking will do to get me back up and running. P.S. The above picture is not my actual x-ray.
Food for thought: Is Wealthy Affiliate ready for Bitcoin (a cryptographically revolutionary system)?Bitcoin/EncryptionWithout cryptography, it would be impossible to encrypt data, ensure secure communications, or even confirm that you are browsing a safe site (see the “Little Green Lock” on your browser page). Encryption is the process of converting information or data into a code, especially to prevent unauthorized accesses. Yes this is just one of several ways to prevent data th
We’ve all been there before, at one time or another. You pour hours and hours of your time into writing a great piece of content, in the hope that it will drive scores of new readers to check out your site and maybe become new customers. Then, for some reason, it falls flat. Few people read it, and even those who do, don’t seem terribly interested in engaging with your business. Empathizing with your clientIt’s what they always say about writing – before you put pen to p
January 20, 2019
Save time. "To save time". To do something more efficiently such that less time is required. This “save time” is nothing like “daylight saving time”.Saving time, have we or have we just encounter more ways to waste time? To save time one would say, “To do something more efficiently such that LESS time is required”. So are we, in this day of the internet, automation, and convenience, how are we using this time save? Botte-line, have we actually saved/gained a
What have you done for me lately?This is a question that hits most consumers in different ways anytime they search the internet for products they seek to purchase online? While these may not be the actual words uttered, you do in some way ask this question as you are shopping believe it or not. The lyrics in a Janet Jackson song of the same question title say: “You 'ought to be thankful for the little things but little things are all you seem to giveYou're always putting off what we coul
January 05, 2019
Did you know these 5 Benefits of Using Video?(1) 1. They are very easy to make (once you get them down). 2. Videos lead to much higher conversions than just text.3. You can provide people with “help” via videos. 4. Build a video following and enhance your brand. 5. Videos get indexed like crazy. (2) Now trust me, these five benefits come directly from Wealthy Affiliates Bootcamp Training: Phase 4 - Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media: Creating Your Own VideosWe