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Divican here. Before I joined wealthy affiliate to discover about creating websites I had my business ( cybercafe). In my country most of the people depend using cyber cafes in their daily online businesses. Most of them have not even advanced to learn on how to use computers, therefore they depend on the cybercafes for the assistance. I own the cybercafe in town.Wealthy affiliate and my sites have engaged me a lot. I am not active in my business ( cybercafe). I even recently bought a laptop an
Hello wealthy affiliate friends I know you will make it to Vegas 2019, for newbies how can we make it. Ideas plus suggestionsThanks for dropping
March 20, 2019
I love wealthy affiliate, they do what they say.If you do alsoSay ' I do'
March 06, 2019
I can't forget to greet you all. But before I start just give me a salute. I you in the room, if I may ask? SAY HI: If you remember me let me see a hand........... Just..... say hiThanks I will be back soon.
November 15, 2016
Grow your business!
November 15, 2016
I intended to blog this but time was not on my side; Read and enjoy "What do you do for a living?" There's plenty of common answers to this question. Doctor, lawyer, insurance agent, librarian… And then there's your not so common answers (these are the ones I like). "I help others make their dreams into reality" "I travel the world learning and experiencing" "I earn commissions while sipping out of a coconut" When you tell people you make money online, without any kind of formal trainin
November 10, 2016
Greetings Wealthy affiliate, 2 Years Ago on this day I was new to online affiliate .I took a leap of faith and finally trusted in God and the abilitiesthat I learnt from WA.I've never been the BEST at anything as far as I can recall.Now it is a way of life.No matter how much I make per week whether it be $50 dollarsor $50,000 dollars ... I still say WA is the best place to be There are no small miracles.AmenDivican
Let me ask you a somewhat personal question: Have you reached your business goals in 2016?Did you win loads of new clients that generated record revenues, while spending quality time with yourself, family and friends?Or have you experienced the same thing that most wannabe online marketers struggle with? Staring at the screen for hours and hours, studying the online courses of the gurus, purchasing new products, struggling with technical issues and having a hard time to find people who want to
June 09, 2016
I will start to say hi,When I joined WA, I remember I was so active within the community. Today I read blogs here at least every blog, but leaving a comment is not obvious as usual and that is why my rank declines. Liking is normal. To questions I do not miss answering to what I know. What I have learn tIf you concentrate most of your time here at WA and forget your website, then I am sorry, making money will be hard for you. But if you are for fun here then you are luck to be here. I joined WA
The last time I posted here at WA, I can't even remember may be only if I check it out. But never see that I don't read your blogs, No, I do read them. And I will congratulate most of you for all what you blog here it has been of great importance to us. Reasons for me not being frequent here if I mention a few is that I wanted to see my website having a good traffic of what I have achieved. Recently I totally changed my website from promoting wealthy affiliate as I found that it was to take s