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Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
Rodrigo Urbina Premium
Hey disberg: How are you? There is a lot to learn here, right? I think you just saw the tip of the iceberg. IM world is infinite and here you have all the tools to succeed. Focus and do your work. Did you start your 8 week action plan already? Any question let me know, OK? Welcome to WA!
disberg Premium
Hello. Thanks for visiting. I am not a Tekkie. I am an avid computer user and get myself into lots of issues because there is a lot of knowledge I haven't come across yet, or simply have dismissed as Not Necessary. That is....until I come across an issue....and then it is necessary. I sometimes think I carry my head under my arm, as when the light goes on, I feel I should have been able to put it together myself. Actually that is my main issue with computers. It is a never-ending Story...
disberg Premium
Hi Rodrigo. I put you on my Buddy List as you are new as well as I. I thought maybe we could help each other get over the little bumps. There is a lot of material to review and I think we all get info overload. It all looks very good and it is interesting too. I am working on Week 1 and now reviewing the stickies and have another post to do. I didn't do the Accredition sign up yet as I am still wading through the GDI material too. Did you come in through GDI too? Talk to you later. Have a good Sunday. di