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Mother nature is helping us. I have some friends with skin allergies and psoriasis, eczema, extreme skin irritation and so on. So I looked into this problem and found out by using clean, organic, virgin coconut butter, she butter and bee wax with the mixture of patchouli essence.You can’t find it in any store, you need to use your own kitchen stove. Ingredients:600 grams of untreated Organic Virgin Coconut Butter300 grams of untreated Organic Virgin Shea Butter 300 grams of 100% Bee&rsquo
June 15, 2015
When I found WA, I signed up just to see what is going on here, maybe another spam, or is there something I can learn and is it truthful. I can say I found nothing wrong here in WA. Kyle and Carson did a good job. Since I’m a member of WA, I have learned a lot. I have done web pages before for my own business, and I needed to spend a lot of money to gain a kind of knowledge for thousands of dollars I went into my niche and I believe with the knowledge and help of WA members I made a very good