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NEED Feedback This is the Texas Area an the Snake in the picture is like a king or a ColeBoth very poisonous an deadly.the the dimondback rattlesnake. Are very poison.Mostly found on trails in tall grass. They will snap before you see them in tall grass When Camping you must watch your sleeping bags even though they are in tentsA Viper will stack anytime and anywhere.Mist be very careful in the water's evening if it's in creeks. River's. Small poolsWith. Tall weeds an grass around
June 06, 2018
If you are going Camping we have to know the thing that is very impartent.As you prepare to go Camping Their are things you need.A safe area,the serounding should be clear of dry grass ,shroubs,tall .weedsHave a safe place to set a tent are you may be in a trailor, you should havea area that easy to retreat from the area it Rains or if a fire gets out of controlif the winds comes up and you can't put the fire is always good to camp close to water no matter where your Camping..Always be
June 06, 2018
If you wanting to go golfing you want to pick what you need:First you need to find a nice Golf Course I'm sure there is anumber in you area,so check it out an see if you like, an if it'snice for you an your Staff or your Business or Friends.You will want to have a Tee Off Time { ? }Morning or Afternoon or Evening,Check out Weather.Need Golf Cart set up in advance,May Rent if desired,Set OF Golf Clubs, 1 thru 9, Driver, Sand Weadge,Putter, Tees,Balls, Ball Retriever, If close To Water.