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Hello AllThe way to find the search bar on the Wealthy Affiliate platform using only your smartphone is to click on the 3 lines next to the Wealthy Affiliate logo. If you don't see the 3 lines next to the WA logo, click the WA logo and the 3 lines will appear.I am very grateful to Loes for saying this while replying to a CordeliaN question blog, titled, How do I find magistudios & other members ?Thank you for reading.Best wishes,Delroy
October 25, 2019
Hi everyone!I am pleased to say I now have 3 websites indexed by Google.2 of those websites are still Site Rubix websites.Yay!I hope you are enjoying the amazing training here.Have a phenomenal weekend.Best wishes,Delroy
You are essentially who you create yourself to be.Never just settle when you can achieve so much more!Absorb what is useful, discard what is NOT and ADD what is uniquely your own.Personal development is a journey....not a destination.Dream BIG, develop yourself daily so you unlock your true potential. Progression becomes addictive!Surround yourself with positive influencial people who are achieving the results and lifestyle you desire.Focus on your strengths, celebrate your wins, including the
September 10, 2019
Hi everyone, I'm back.I have not been so active here at WA because I can't always afford the monthly subscription. I'm back for now.Having looked around on the internet there is no doubt that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best online companies out there.Have an awesome week.Best wishesDelroy
Hello everyone!Any Rank Makers in here as in Wealthy Affiliate?Rank Makers is an online community led by a network marketing coach and mentor called Ray Higdon.If you are a Rank Maker, feel free to type 'Me' in the comments.I am just curious.Thank you.Best wishes.Delroy
Click on WebsitesClick on Site ManagerLogin to your websiteClick on the 3 lines in the top left hand corner of your screen to reveal the Dashboard menuClick on PagesClick on All PagesClick on Quick EditUncheck the Allow Comments boxClick on Update.Best wishesDelroy
Hi everyone!I logged into my WA account today and received a notification that one of my website has been Google indexed. What a great start to my weekend.Best wishesDelroy
September 29, 2017
Hello everyone !From about December 2016 I have been looking for ways to make money online. I have had no real success yet.The bad news is that as I have been researching online looking for ways to make money, I have come to the conclusion that if something sounds too good to be true, it mostly is too good to be true.The good news is that as I have been researching online looking for ways to make money, I have found that Wealthy Affiliate gives me encouragement, support and a belief that with h
6 months at Premium LevelHello everyone!It is a pleasure to be here.On Friday 7th July 2017 I received my 6 months badge for my time at Premium level here at Wealthy Affiliate.Thank you all for making Wealthy Affiliate a great place to be.Best wishes.Delroy