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Think about you "NIGHT~MARES?" Now let's talk about your spirit? What does it do, and where does it go? Your spirit put you down, and wakes you up. (explain that?) Does your spirit even let you know things before they happen? ex: "Right or Wrong", how about putting together the most technical of problem, and how about leading you to places you've never been, and it ends in you thanking our "MOST-HIGH!" Shalom.
"Information" is what I come up with. What kind of Information is being asked specifically? What's trendy. Search for what's being purchased a lot, go take an audit of inside you house, and see what's getting bought more of?
September 01, 2016
Please believe what "WA" is doing for it's network of affiliates is unreal, It's what all of us here we're asking for to happen decades ago. Now, today I can't see anyone not succeeding in this project, this way out of site, "AMAZING!" I just want to do more, more, more!