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Hello WA family. Today, September 28 is our second anniversary here in the WA network.The last two years have been an exciting time for learning a whole new way of doing business online.We are making great progress and are in this for the long-term.Never give up on your dreams and keep being consistent.Being part of the WA community has been an amazing experience.As always have a great day or night in your part of the world.Darren & Nicola :)
September 26, 2020
Hello WA family,Our network today has gone over the 5,000 mark.Thanks to all who have followed us and we look forward to connecting with many more in the WA network.Have a great day or night in your part of the world.Darren & Nicola :)
Hi to everyone in the WA family.Just wanting to share that today we have made a $225.00 sale on one of our websites.This item was a very hard to find book on the history of Cape York here in Australia.I just want to encourage you all here to keep moving forward with your website.As long as you remain consistent you will start to see the fruit of your labor.Never give up and keep believing.If we can do it, so can you.Check your bookcase, you may have a rare book or two.Have a great week.Darren &
Hello everyone in the WA network.It has been a while since my last post, I think the middle of May was the last one I did.I just wanted to share something someone passed on to me today."Successful people do the work unsuccessful people aren't willing to do"We are all here in the Wealthy Affiliate network for the same reason, to build a powerful and successful website.You are doing what you do to make a difference, be that for yourself, your family or others.- Be passionate about your niche.- Ha
June 08, 2020
Hello WA family,Just a quick update as we have been very quiet here for the last three weeks.We have been working behind the scenes adding new post to our website, adding new content to previous posts and doing a general tidy up.Also, we have started going through the training again and picking up new ideas that we missed previously.It has been a very good experience and also it has been fun doing it.Not sure when our next post will be on the WA platform, but progress is happening. We wish you
Hi everyone,One of the things I like to do every day is thank every member who sends through a follow.I see many people mature in years ready to give this business all they have.Friend, age is no barrier to achieving success.Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame is someone who had great success over the age of sixty years.Astronaut John Glenn returned to space at seventy-five.Verdi wrote operas into his eighties.Michelangelo was still producing masterpieces at eighty-nineMonet was stil
Hello WA Family,We have had some victories this week and here is a progress report.4008 Followers In The Network.Today we have pushed over the 4,000 mark in our network.One of the things that Nicola and I work on is being an encouragement to all in the community.Helping others has always been one of the best things we do well.Thank you to all those 4008 members, we appreciate you all.We make a point of replying to every one of these follows.Back To Publishing Regular Content On Our Website.A co
I know there have been times when I have come across some training here that I find difficult to get my head around.In these times the best solution is to ask a question in the community and I will receive the answer that will work. When the depression hit the USA in the 1930s, J.P. Morgan called in one expert after another, seeking opinions and advice.His secretary asked him "Why don't you tell them what to do, Mr Morgan?He replied, "I don't know what to do myself. But soon someone will come i
G'day,Usually on a Friday afternoon I will go down to my local beach here on the Gold Coast.This is an opportunity to reflect on the week that has gone and also to think about new ideas for writing content. I find taking a break is important to strengthen the soul and renew the mind.Some may enjoy a walk in the bush as we say here in Australia, or the woods as some from other parts of the world would say.It might be the garden or a walk around the neighborhood.The important thing is taking a br
On May 6th, 1992, Nicola and I moved to Australia from New Zealand.We arrived here knowing no one and set about building a life that today has produced two daughters.Over the years we have learned many life lessons in the businesses we have operated.Starting with a car detailing business, selling children's books, network marketing, importing and now selling books online, this has made us who we are today.Having the courage to get back up again when we have faced set backs is something that bot