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During this Holiday season I just wanted to get a few things of my chest while all us little internet elves were running about the wire fighting for position on Google, Bing and Yahoo. My Mother passed away on December 19, 2013; just 2 years ago and right before Christmas and boy could she do up a Christmas!!! I guess that's where I got it from. However, there are so many without this time of year. Not just the homeless and the like, but those displaced by storms, floods, earthquakes and of co
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So, as I arose this morning tired as usual from another bad night of sleep... seizures, knees killing me and that damn tingling in my feet and right arm; I thought to myself I just don't want to do anything today. Yup I started the day very Bruno Mars, "I just want to lay in my bed", but it was actually laying in the bed that was hurting. So, I gathered myself and resorted to the fact that it was just gonna be one of those days.I was my very own, very slow Barista and slowly lowered myself in
December 16, 2015
Motivation is a word not always taken to heart. Here it is 3am where i sit, laptop...well on my lap, trying to piece together which direction I wanna go. Then My partner looked at me and said, "you sure seem motivated". It hit me, I am motivated. I am motivated to succeed once again. I am tired of my life off the off the stage. So, i will come back for the biggest and baddest encore ever. The only difference, besides the awesome costumes of course, is the stage. Now my stage is the entire world
SEO, Google Rankings, Keywords... I don't know about you, but if they don't keep me awake at night; I dream about them. No sugarplums dancing in my head this Holiday season. Nope... Keywords, SEO, Google Ranking and TRAFFIC!!Here was the problem I found. As a performer, but mostly a human being, we don't stress over such things do we? We hang out with our friends and families, we're on social media and guess what I noticed. In my stats I had more traffic when I sat down and privately messaged
GIOVANNI LIVESYes... that's me and one of the ways I made money outside of my so-called 9-5. I was and am in my soul and heart a Professional Illusionist. Some of you may refer to me as a "Drag King", but to me there is a difference. An Illusionist requires a level of professionalism and are, shall we say, believable as the gender they are portraying. Now, I am not, by any means sayin that a Drag King lacks professionalism all together; it is their drive to achieve a level beyond the local tav
So, here I am... finally; Premium! Me the Mentalist, the 149 IQ the sceptic; the play it safe and go to work everyday type. Well, that is all fine and good until one fine day you look up and your ability to do just that is gone, poof in a cloud of smoke; a storm you never saw coming.You ask how does it feel to go Premium? Terrifying, exilerating, crazy and right all at the same time. Like I'm chasing my "Personal Legend" as Paulo Coelho called it in The Alchemist. I feel Just like Santiago