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February 03, 2017
It has been a while since I written a blog and there has been moments where I've almost stopped my payment for awhile just because I wasn't making anything yet. But, I started thinking about how much I have done on my first website, I worked so hard. I am not much of a quitter. I may think about it, but I have always given it a try. I couldn't really stand to think of my website being erased because it has been ranked by Google and so much work was put it into it. I don't want to give it up.
August 27, 2016
Hello, everyone! I just came to realize that I need to blog more. I have been pretty busy at first. I still have a lot to do until I am finished with my very first website. i'm on phase 2 lesson 4 on Affiliate bootcamp. I hope all is well with you guys. I do see your work and most of you are ahead of me, but I think it's pretty amazing. Many blessings to you!
July 18, 2016
Does anyone know about the theme called 'Sydney'? The only thing I am haveing trouble with is the slide. I don't know how to change the wording that is on it.Hope that made sence
One thing that I love to hear are success stories. It should'nt matter how big or small. A small one is like one step closer to something big and a big success shows that you never gave up on those small steps.Shareing your stories gives others a boost of confidence and showing them to never give up. Nothing to boast about just to help others see a little light they have'nt seen yet. What are your success stories? What did it take for you to get there? Did you have to sacrifice anything? #Timet
Hello everyone! I hope you guys are haveing a blessed day! It has been a little while sence I blogged. I want talk about a mess up I had the other day. I know and understand, that will not be the last. There will be a few bumps in the road but that should never stop us. You can't give up! The other day, I had to re-do my website that I spent 11 hrs on just because I missed a letter in my niche and it shown up in my URL. It would'nt let me edit and I did'nt want to move the website
July 11, 2016
Hello, everyone! I hope everyone is doing alright today. This is my very first blog. I am excited that I started my premium membership. I am learning so much and I am really enjoying it. Yesterday, I stayed on WA working on my bootcamp website from 10am-9pm. For real! I am ready to get it started. But, I do see things that I need to start doing before I move further. For one I noticed my site health is red and I know what I should work on now. I can't wait until I get the ball rollin' lol. Pati