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August 03, 2017
My Dear Online Entrepreneurs,"Always Focus on the Quality of our Work. As we go, the Quantity will Follow"We are living in a society where mass production become vital. Many companies are pushing products with an imaginary speed. As a result, the amount of recalls are increasing. And unfortunately, some defects can jeopardize our own safety.Therefore, as online entrepreneurs, we must be cautious and patient while building our online business. A non-complicated website with a nice look, a great
Hello Dear Online Entrepreneurs,It is time for a great vacation. My wife and I will be in Toronto, Canada. We plan to spend a day at the beautiful Niagara Falls.See you soon!CorvisartM
July 16, 2017
My Dear Online Entrepreneurs,"No matter how busy we are, NEVER be too busy to spend quality times with our family"The majority of us are busy at work and we also are busy with our online business and other activities. However, programming successfully to spend some quality times with our family is a great FUEL for SUCCESS. Happy Family Time! And Enjoy your Business!From your fellow Online Entrepreneur,CorvisartM
Hello Dear Online Entrepreneurs,Would you like to know your Site Worth, Revenue, and Pageviews? I believe most of us are curious about it. I discovered this website where you can have an idea of the value of your site.However, keep in mind that the value is way below the real value of your site. And, if your site worth at least $1.00, you are already doing a great job in traffic and page views.The name of the website is an example, I am displaying below WealthyAffiliate
July 06, 2017
A blog is an open discussion to the entire world. Our thoughts and the way we see things may be different. Therefore, our comments may be in agreement or not. As soon as it is done respectfully, it should not be an issue. In the contrary, a different opinion may in some cases pushes the author to clarify more details . And the author will make the blog more interesting.
My Dear Online Entrepreneurs,Every computer user in the world should be extremely careful against this malicious threat to the information stored in our computer. To release the usage of your computer back to you, they demand a ransom of about $300.00 and up.Please, please...I encourage everyone to be very careful of suspicious links and suspicious emails.And also, make sure you have some types of great security software installed on your computer. I cannot recommend wich one to use. But, I enc
Dear Online Entrepreneurs,All of us have been learning from Wealthy Affiliate: some of us for years, other for months and many of us for weeks. Personally, I feel extremely satisfied for the knowledge I have gained for the last 40 days since I joined Wealthy Affiliate.I am already in the process of building a website that hopefully will generate an income in the future, 6-12 months after all the content falls in place.Sincerely, I never felt so confident since I am dealing online. I believe th
Surprisingly, my second website has been indexed by Google in less than 24 Hrs after registration. That's a great feeling!
The search for a niche is way deeper than searching in the ocean. There are so many things and interests we can capitalize on, our search and our findings can be unlimited.It is like searching in the sky where we can never find the end. And when we finally find a niche, we need to focus on it without getting distracted by zillions of other niches. That niche will definitely need our attention. One Niche at a Time!CorvisartM
Eight years ago, I had a website. The name was so unique to the niche I was trying to explore. Because, I was not knowledgeable enough in that process, after a couple of years I carelessly never renewed the domain. When I started WA last month, I said to myself that now I have the tools needed. Guess what! Last week, I checked and the domain was taken by someone else. And they are doing very good. I wish I had the knowledge I just acquired from WA. In that aspect, Michele is definitely right in