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December 07, 2019
Now hit my 100 follower!!!!! Saw I was at 99 on my network and stared at my screen waiting for the 100.WOW StPaul you made my 100. Thanks to all who have taken their time to follow me. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Looking forward to reading your post, and seeing your progress. Hopefully we will progress together. I know it's work, but I believe if I put in the work I should reap the rewards. For me I measure the rewards in two ways. The training and my progress.Monetary
December 05, 2019
Just wondering. Who recently joined? How is it going? With so many joining daily it is a privilege to meet so many of you. But really, how are you doing? I am sure that you are determined to succeed. That's great! Just do like me, and try to log in at least once a day. You will find that after making the time to log in, you will be enticed to do some training or maybe read a blog or two.Remember this is a business we are building, and it's not about how fast we could make money. Althou
December 03, 2019
As I mentioned in my profile, I have been dabbling with online revenue streams for a few years now. Many proved not to be as advertised, costing me a lot of money.Then I came across WA, the same way most of you did, through an online WA member. At first, I was skeptical. But what impressed me was the way this platform approached making money online. They did not promise me the world. No big house, lots of travel, and 1000s or 10s of thousands in the bank. They promised to educate me, so I