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Hi everyone,I haven't written anything in quite a while but I just felt the need to write something today because I feel so strongly about it. Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely amazing!!! I have been here going on four years now and I'll be honest, I haven't made much money through the affilate side of things in various niches that I created websites for. But with a bit of luck, following all the training here at Wealthy Affiliate and by working hard, I have managed to sell my first client websit
March 31, 2019
Hello everyone!I woke up yesterday morning and discovered that I now have just over 10,000 WA followers!I am so grateful that you have decided to follow me in my journey with Wealthy Affiliate. I must admit that I did take a year off from WA due to some family and health issues, but I'm back with a renewed determination to make this time around more successful as I approach retirement, which should be within the next six months. Now that my health and family issues are better, I am looking forw
July 23, 2017
Last weekend I woke up and started going through my normal routine. I would check my emails and then I began posting to my various social media accounts. And then, for the heck of it, I thought I would check my various amazon accounts. I haven't been checking those as of late because I haven't had any sales and I was getting frustrated and a little bit disillusioned with the whole process.I was starting to think, maybe this isn't for me. But then, I was checking my amazon page for my prosportsc
Hi Everyone!I was hesitant at first but I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase one of these premium themes on the recommendation of one of our wonderful ambassadors. After following the training video that was sent to me, I have finally re-written my latest website using this new theme. I think it looks great and nothing against any of the free themes offered by Wealthy Affiliate, but I just couldn't find anything similar for what I was looking for.While the price m
Hello everyone!I discovered yesterday that I now have just over 8,000 WA followers!I am so grateful that you have decided to follow me in my journey with Wealthy Affiliate. I must apologize that I have not been as active lately as there have been some family issues to deal with and I have also had some health issues that have zapped any motivation I might have had to work on my sites and help others. I am starting to feel better so I'm looking forward to getting back to trying to help others wi
Today marks my one year anniversary with Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member! Wealthy Affiliate reminded me of that when I received my 1 year dedication badge just a short time ago.I can't believe how fast time flies when you're having fun, and I'm definitely having fun with all the WA training and conversing with fellow WA members.I am really looking forward to a second year here at Wealthy Affiliate because I still have so much to learn! And what better place to learn than from all the memb
Hi everyone!I may be a little slow on the uptake, but I just recently noticed the new WA email layout. I really think it has a nice design and the inclusion of the images of Kyle and Carson is a nice touch.Just goes to show you that WA is always looking at different ways to improve all aspects of the business.Enjoy the rest of your day and have a great weekend!Shawn
Hello everyone and Happy New Year to you and yours. May 2017 bring you good health, happiness and prosperity.One thing I noticed while reviewing my sites is that now that we are in 2017, you may want to change your footer information to reflect the updated copyright year to now say 2017 instead of 2016. Some themes may do it automatically, but the themes I'm using required me to go in and change the year manually.Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!Shawn
Yes, you heard me, Wealthy Affiliate saved my house!This past Thursday, Dec. 22, the rest of my family were out finishing the rest of their Christmas shopping and I decided to stay at home and work on my websites. I was the only one home and things were progressing nicely when I started to hear some noises from our outside screened-in porch, which is just off our kitchen. I ignored it initially but then I finally decided to check to see if someone was in the screened-in porch because I didn't k
December 18, 2016
I finally got my first amazon sale from my sports cap website! I'm really excited because my site has only been live for a month. I was really starting to wonder if it was ever going to happen for me because I haven't had any success with sales from my other sites yet. I would keep reading about other peoples' successes and while I was very happy for them, it was starting to get a little depressing. I was starting to wonder what I was doing wrong. All kinds of negative thoughts started to creep