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Hello Newbies, welcome to 2020.2019 was tough for me, full of soul-searching; "should I go or should I come?" Luckily, there were shoulders to cry on - many sympathetic and helpful souls; and 'one sentence' helpers. Here I am in 2020, still plugging in, ever determined to make it. My subscription has been renewed. A friend called me nuts for doing so after one year of no sales. You can guess correctly what was his alternative. But to follow my friend's advice would be like throwing my 'beautif
November 16, 2019
Yes, progress has been slow. But Cheers! I'm still in and determined to finish the race.
Making money is the ultimate goal of any (for-profit) businesses. Even the not-for-profits find ways to generate some money for things like: keeping the business going, paying some staff members and for some miscellaneous items. Many businesses that can't achieve the ultimate goal will fail. The critical question is why do some businesses fail to make money?As with all human endeavors, planning is the first step, the make-or-break, in setting up any business, And it can be divided into two br
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This Post was inspired by JohnMks' Blog entitled, "Highest Affiliate Commission". It is one of the best I have read so far. Why? I saw it at the moment of sef-doubt; when I was asking myself, 'Is WA for real?'Since I read that story, I have been scouting all over WA sites for success stories. In fact there are many. I have been busy with my training and left no room for other things. I am now satisfied and sure I'm on the right tracks. It is only a matter of time!I hit my lowest point of self-d
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February 23, 2019
It has been quite a journey!I signed up for WA training on 10/30/18 and joined the Premium Group on 11/04/18. Since then, there has been no reason to look back or regret my moves. In fact, I saw a bright light at the end of every move. There is no income yet, but I can see that coming.Before I joined the Premium, I was skeptical, conditioned by many years' of Online rip-offs. But at WA I saw something different that urged me on: I could communicate with living, breathing human beings; people wh
January 09, 2019
Included in the lesson/video, "Post your Website for Feedback", is a requirement to write a feedback for, at the least, a credit. This did not go down well with me. Why is that necessary at this time?I thought I was not qualified or had not learned enough from WA to be able to accomplish task. After all, I was barely two months old here. And I assumed my website had not been built out to the level that will warrant a feedback. Then I read comments from some members of our WA Community (Am I all
December 31, 2018
Community and community collaboration are key to the success many vouch for and attracted to in Wealthy Affiliate. But, why?First, living and working in communities are natural phenomena. It’s in the DNA of all living things. Right from “conception” nothing happens in the life of any living thing without collaboration - at least two “individuals” must be involved. Think about any action - be a teacher; involved vent or manufacture a product; cook or eat food; sleep
December 16, 2018
I have just been told that my website - the - has been indexed by Google. It is hard to believe! That quick?I thought it was proper to share the good news with you, who have been at my side all the way, holding my hands. I will ever be grateful to you guys.Cal.
November 05, 2018
I'm only a few days a member of WA. But, the uniqueness of WA is hard to escape notice: The time and money spent to build it; the dedication of the owners, gracious and helpful members that believe, "We are all in this together", all, to assure success of the subscribers. I have never seen or worked for an Organization with all the Employees singing the praises of the establishment. With all these tools and resources, I can only see the road to success.This is why I went Premium.Cal.