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June 06, 2014
Could you guys please give me feed back for this page. It is important in terms of trafic. The key words I used for this page could potentioally give me lots of traffic. Please give me some feedback and if you could comment on the page. Thanks.
June 05, 2014
I just found a couple of key words for my niche. These key words have strong article power and low competiton. I expect a decent amount of traffic for my site. This is why branching out is good. You are able to find a lot more keywords to use.
June 04, 2014
I am going on an 100 mile biking ride on Sunday. A brak from my website for a day or two. Even though weekends provide a lot of freetime for working on your site, you should aslo take breaks for a day or tow sometimes to pursue other things. You site shouldn't become your life. Fitness is what I work on when I am not writing content. What are your hobbies?
June 03, 2014
Recently, I am starting to branch out a little from my niche. It is a book review website but I am also including tips for writing books and easier ways to read books. I think it is a good idea if we start branching out a little from our original niche to attract more attention. Topics that are related to your niche somehow might be good to add to your site. For example in my case I do book reviews and writing books are related to my niche. So now I am writing content on that. We should all
June 01, 2014
This is my second month here at WA. I been through a lot with my website and I have started the socail media angle. A month ago I would not have believed that I would make so much progress on my site. I can't wait to earn my first cents. This month is buisy for me. I graduate high school and start my college prep. This months I have some new goals. I'm trying to do at least 3 posts a week. I also want to play with my site a little more with pluggins. Everyone at WA should make new goals every
May 31, 2014
It has been a while since I have done this and I thought I should do my rotine check up with WA. I have made many changes to my website since I began it. Do you guys mind checking it out and giving me some feed back. Am I healthy?
May 30, 2014
I just want to know all you WAers opinion on this. Do any of you guys belive that love should be in the shape of a triangle. Have any of you read a book with a love triangle and just hate it. Basically what do all of you think of love triangles?
May 29, 2014
My website is doing better than I thought in terms of SEO rankings. I got a 77 out of 100. I feel great. I know now I am on the right track. It is only a matter of time until the money starts rolling in (months). Now all I have to do is update my site and make a complete make over. Do any of you know how to direct all traffic to mywebsite to a page that says I'm updating my site and to try again later? What I am asking is. Imagine you have a site and suddenly you want to change it up a li
May 28, 2014
My passion has come back and I am feeling the fire. All new ideas just exploded out of my head and I am ready to get my website back in shape. Thanks for all the tip that you people have given me in my past blogs back when I was stuck. Now I feel ready to tak ethe world. Or at least until my next writers block. But until then, I got work to do. Like getting my website international. If any of you have advice on how to do this it will be very appreciated.
May 25, 2014
I had all day to work on my website yet I have not done a thing. For some reason I feel very unmotivated. It's like I want to work on my website but my mind is not letting me. I'm stuck on ideas and feel like I am going in circles. Do any of you WAuers have advice for me?