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My name is Ray and Im glad I found WA. I have been studying the internet for 3 years. I am familiar with the concept but still consider myself a newbie. I have been out of work for a year in half and it hasn't been easy. I am from Brooklyn N.Y. so I know how to survive. I was at the end of a rope when I found WA. So I am looking for big things mainly from myself. I have always been driven an highly motivated. I am humble man and very fortunate, thank God. I am ready to turn the page and begin work on the new chapter in my life. Since I joined a few days ago all I have done was read and familiarize myself inside WA. Honestly, I need all the friends I can get so we can discuss the training material. So feel free to add me as a buddy and I will seek you out as well. I wish all the newbies blessings and renouned success.
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AndreDaniel Premium
Welcome. Hope all goes well. Apply what you learn. Much success to you.
cashflow+ Premium
Hi Ray, welcome wishing success for you here at WA. Cheers!
cash4ume Premium
oops! Ray, I had a "senior moment" and forgot to pass the promised Gold. Here it is. Sorry, Ron cash4ume
Labman Premium Plus
Welcome to WA
cash4ume Premium
Hi Ray, Thanks for your good thoughts about this old man. I started the same day you did and WA has been very exciting for me. I would be pleased to offer you any support I can give. I'll start by passing some GOLD to you! here tis. May God bless you and lift you up in all that you do. Ron cash4ume
checmate Premium
Ahhh! You guys are to much, Im touched. Good news! I submitting my second article today in street articles. I do have a question, if some one can help me.

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined variable: link4

Filename: views/header_view.php

Line Number: 350

They each had: DISALLOWED KEY CHARCTERS next to them.
What does this mean in street articles?