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January 22, 2018
Hello everyone, it has been a while. I was going to write this blog yesterday, but I got wrapped up in updating the site that I looked at the clock and it was 9:35 pm. What's New17 Posts TotalLongest Post Is 6900 words (Guide)Added A Table Of Contents Plugin (Really Helps With Layout)Updated all posts but 1Established an account on a 420 forum (more to come)Have nearly 100 twitter followers @420verseHave 1 follower on Google + 1st 'Organic' Comment to the site!What's Next For This WeekReview po
Jan. 14 2018: 14 Days Since Site LaunchedOn Jan. 1, 2018 I launched a new site: 420verse.comHere are the stats:7 Pages11 Pages (26,426 words)Site Layout Is Done, Time To Fill It InThe layout of the site is exactly how I envisioned it, now I just have to fill it in so to speak. The only 'filled in areas currently are 'Home', 'Welcome', 'Blog' & 'Smokin' On' all other fields are left blank. Immediately Brand-able SiteThis site is NOWHERE near completion, but I have already received attention
December 30, 2017
Hello everyone, how is everyone doing?It's Been A WhileIt's been a while since the last blog update of my site cattravel101.comI have completed 53 posts by Dec. 31 (7 short of the goal), however the count was 30 on Dec. 1, so it's a success none the less.New Site Launches On Jan. 1st!In less than 48 hours I will be launching another site that builds off of what I have applied to and YES I will be still writing for that site (1 Article every 2-3 days) as I begin a Social Media '
Hello everyone,Important 2018 NewsIf you reside in the U.S. and use the WA platform to make your living please note that 2018 would be an excellent year to expand your business."Why?"Tax Cuts And Jobs Act!Did you know the IRS does not care how much money you make, they don't really care. They only care about what 'type' of money it is.Is it Wages?Is it Interest Earned On A Account?Is It Distributions?Is It Qualified Business Income?is it Dividends?"Why Is That Important?"Wages are subject to 2
Broke 100,000 Word Count On My Site!Hello everyone, a few days ago I wrote a blog and stated that I would reach 100,000 by this next Saturday (It's Monday!).Currently I Have 101,139 Words!I now have 41 posts (keeping up with the 60 by Dec. 31) & I created 3 posts today!Please visit See what 100,000+ word site looks like, not bad considering the site is only 59 days old!3 Posts In 1 Day!My old record was 2, but today I created 3 pieces of content and added close to 7k today
Hello everyone and welcome to my week 8 update of my site 31 DeadlineAs mentioned in my previous blog I plan to double the number of articles from 30 to 60. The deadline for 60 articles in the end of the year lol. Once at 60 i plan to scale back operations to make room for a new site I plan to start building on Jan. 1.Instead of 30 articles in 30 days it will be scaled back to 10 articles in 30 days. 100,000 Words Will be Broken By End Of Week 9!Currently according to Site
30 Articles In 48 Days!Today Nov. 30 will end with a monster achievement: 30 Posts in 48 days! That is 30 posts with each post a minimum of 1,500 words per post. 73,400+ Total words in 30 postsThat is an average of 2,447 per post! Which is very near the average number of words in Page 1 content. 8 Reviews, 1 Is Under 4k WordsCattravel101 boosts 8 reviews, with all but one over 4k! Feel free to go to my site and click on any 'Cat Travel 101 Review' and you'll see what a real rev
November 11, 2017
I just completed Course 2 of the Certification Program. It feels great to have completed it. I am so glad that I followed the training. it really helps to know that there are others who have succeeded and are willing to tell you how they did it. I can't wait to finish Course 3. Feel free to follow my blog, my profile, and my site cattravel101.comHave a good day.
Busy Week!Hello everyone and thanks for stopping to read my Week 4 Cat Travel 101 site update. This week was very busy and I got a lot accomplished. Here is a look back at the last week's progress:Extended first 15 posts word count to 1,500.Published (2) 3,000 + word reviews Added images to all posts and SEO them as well.Every 'Feature Image' is at least 550 pixsSet up a Google + Account ( free to follow me and add me to your 'Circle'Set up a Pinterest Acco
A Look BackHere is a look back at in Week 3-Published 1st 'Anchor Article' of 6,000 words-Published 13th Article-Revealed the site to the WA Community-Added a 'FAQS' & 'Cat Travel Guide' Sections to Homepage-Updated every post's Feature Image-Only 6 posts are without all images.-Adjusted GA to exclude my IP Info.-Removed 'Recommended Cat Travel Accessories' Page-Added 'Airline Pet Policy' PageReceived 'Site Feedback' this week-Published 2 articles in 1 day!Week 3 Progre