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Hello everyone!I have been so fortunate to find WA and producing websites for online marketing! It has been the best platform with top-notch training, a lot of fun, an interactive community, not to mention, the security and service provided are unparalleled.I have to thank WA for everything I have created and plan to stick around through it all! I am constantly learning from this platform and finding help when I need it. This has given me the opportunity to grow in so many ways. Take Your PickI
August 28, 2021
Make Time To LearnI am nearing 50 and still learn things every day! There is no way one could know everything in this world. My suggestion, know as much as you can! Pick a topic, study it, and expand. There is so much in this world that is interesting to me so I do my best to make time to study and learn. Just like managing your blog, doing the research, to be able to create high-quality content. You schedule and make time to do this if you are going to be a professional. It takes dedication. W
August 27, 2021
Hello!I am still so excited to be here! One year into this adventure! Things are really shaping up, Sites are looking better every day, getting lots of notifications for being indexed on Google. Getting accepted in some high-quality affiliate programs. I feel things are about to turn the corner for me.I want to say thanks to Kyle, Carson, Jay, and Carmen for all the support and training. I would also like to thank all those in the community who have answered questions and participated in chats.
April 16, 2021
Hello all!I just needed to share, I have been diligently working on several projects through WA. I have been trying so hard to get things up and running, focusing on functionality and mechanics behind the scenes. FrustrationIt has been frustrating that for the last several months I have done so much work and it seems the only thing coming back is what I drive to it. No organic traffic, no ranking of measure on websites. They are ranking just not front-page stuff. RealizeI have been doing a lot
September 04, 2020
Just Got IndexedOh yeah! Just got the news, Google notice my site. Thaks for all the help along the way. I have to say, following the course and instruction from WA has worked all the way. Follow the plan and you will succeed!Build a site, do your research, as much high quality, keyword rich content, and use the pay it forward community to help you along. Thanks for all the support!Chad
August 31, 2020
Hello all!I am a week in to this program and already I have learned and accomplished so much. It is a great community to be involved with. I have enjoyed the progression of training, seen so many people encouraging others, and reaching out to help them move forward. I now have my own website. Something I would never have dreamed in the past. Starting out I was unsure of what to do, where to start, or even how the system works. I hope to soon be able to have enough understanding to help others l