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Please rejoice with me. One of my articles on my website has just ranked 4th position on 1st page on Google. I feel very happy. I wasn’t expecting any ranking now because my website is relatively new. I bought the domain name this year in May and google indexed the site in June and now one article has ranked in July. My very best regards to Kyle & Carson for creating this wonderful platform where ordinary people, like me, can learn to build their own beautiful, professional, profit-re
July 12, 2019
I paid for my yearly subscription today. It’s my first one since I joined in May this year. I am convinced that I am on the right path of getting affiliate marketing training and so I decided to get the “money thing” out of the way in order to concentrate on learning and moving forward towards online business success.My website has been indexed by Google and I hope that some of my articles will rank soon. I remain very grateful to the older members who have been helping me o
May 14, 2019
I joined the club of Premium Members today. It has been quite a journey online for me. But I am excited to discover this awesome community and I hope to excel here. In the coming days, I will devote more time to studying all that I need to learn so that I can achieve my goals as soon as possible. I am so grateful to founders of this platform and my mentor and some friends that I have already made in the few days I have been around here.Thank you all.