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I have reached another milestone in my WA training journey. I have completed Level 3: Making Money! I am grateful to the entire WA community for the support I have recieved so far. I have learned so much in a few time and I want to say a big thanks to everyone. I also want to encourage someone out there who is thinking about quiting. I encourage you to stay. The journey to success is as important as the success itself. If you stick with the process long enough, success is sure. It works if you
July 19, 2021
Money or ideas, which one do we need first to succeed with affiliate marketing? If you were broke and had no money to even pay for your next meal, which of rhe below offers will you take?1) Tomorrow you will receive 1,000,000 USD cash that you can spend or invest on whatever you wish.2) Tomorrow you will receive an idea worth 1,000,000 USD that you can use to generate 100,000 USD multi times for the rest of your life.Remember, both the offers are guaranteed.Is it about Instant vs delayed gratif
You need to decide to be different. It doesn't matter what the economy, weather report, bank balance, or family background says. Just decide to be different. Be different in your decision-making, be different in your goal settings, be different in your actions, be different in your thinking, be different in the values you bring to the marketplace or the world.Just decide to be different.Decide to be different because you are unique and special. No one can be you and you can't be anyone. Embrace
Do you have monthly skills improvement plan? If you don't have I am kindly encourging you to consider developing and following though on it.