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So I have now finished course 5, and the real hard work begins. Luckily my health is also improving and has also allowed me to return to the classroom part time as a sub teacher, which I think will definitely be beneficial in helping me create more content for my site. Here are my content goals for the next few monthsMonth of May create 12 new content posts. Post to Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter at least two times a week. Month of June create 12 new content posts and build conten
April 25, 2016
I have now hit another milestone and am using social media for I think pinterest is going to be my most effective medium, as it is popular with teachers. It got me thinking are different niches suited to different social media platforms. Let me know what you think.
I don't know about anyone else, but my browser bookmark bar was an absolute mess. It was disorganized and overcrowded; and it was taking me forever to find anything. Today I decided enough was enough and finally sorted and organized my bookmark bar. I wish I had taken a screenshot before to show you how bad it was, but this will have to do my unfinished education folder. Why Do I Have So Many Bookmarks?In my niche I am constantly researching best educational practices and bookmarking resources,
April 19, 2016
So after a bump in the road called flu, I finally finished course two. I am really looking forward to starting course three.My website is coming along nicely, it now has three full length posts, and is google indexed. There is still quite a bit of work I need to do for the skeleton site structure to be to my liking but it is improving every day. I also today posted my first ever google + post, i'd used the gmail and calendar part of google before, but never google +! My goal for the next three
April 08, 2016
So my site is now Google indexed and one of my keywords went straight to page two and another to page 3. :)
I did it, worked out my budget and signed up for premium. Now time to work hard and build my building blocks.
So I have now fully finished course one and have learnt so much already. I really hope to go premium later this week, I just have to look at my budget and see what I can move around to make it feasible until i start seeing an income from my website. (My husband is on medical leave currently and I am in between jobs so every penny counts at the moment.) My first main goal was to make enough money to pay bills, but I am now making a smaller stepping stone goal. To make enough to cover the cost of