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November 30, 2017
Still going strong at 1 year. Although I am not on here all that much I am very happy to be a part of this brilliant community. Obviously much has changed from when I first arrived at WA and I am making a lot more informed decisions because of WA. The amount of go to knowledge at my fingertips is absolutely amazing and I take this membership more as an experience than trying to hit it rich online. I am richly benefiting from the knowledge I get here already and in the future I may benefit even
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December 24, 2016
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My Site has been indexed on google! I am so excited. But with my excitement comes a call to action. I need to fill the site with more great content so I can be of value to the traffic going there after being ranked and in order for it to get top rankings!Yes I am excited and my aim is not to let down the bots, spiders and above all the human crowd that will eventually find my site and will want to find value for the time they spend on my site, which will get the wheel churning... more time spen
December 22, 2016
Over 525,000 New low hanging fruit evolves daily!Over the life of Google Search every single day there have been an average of 15% in BRAND NEW search terms typed into google search. These are searches that google has never seen before. There are 3.5 Billion searches done on google daily so you can rest assured at a 15% rate in new unique never before seen keywords by google this world of being the best will always elude you. Still not convinced go to google and search it for yourself! It is ri
December 21, 2016
I love this online community and it makes me sad when I see friends giving up at WA. I tried to see what would be the reason for quitting something as good as WA.Although I am not about to give up I have seen people here who do every now and then and I believe IM is probably not for everyone but I see many people will blame circumstances for stuff that they themselves have the key to change as being reason for leaving a good opportunity and leave it in the dust.Guess what, where ever they go to
Assuming you are a premium member at WA you will only need to follow 3 steps to succeed with your online dreams.1. Follow training2. Take Action3. Ask Questions when in doubtNow I could elaborate each of the steps above but I let it suffice right there. Every individual would put a different paragraph below each of the 3 steps to say the same thing in each unique situation or setting. I challenge you to correct me if I am wrong. Let me hear your feedback
I am glad to be a part of this awesome community and am blessed to get all this vast amount of knowledge unveiled to me under one unique "roof". Together we can achieve what we could only dream of on our own. May you dream BIG and then exceed your dreams. We can make a huge difference for the people around us. I will be forever thankful for Kyle and Carson in putting together this awesome dream that enlightens all of us and helps us to realize our possibilities!
October 30, 2016
Beacon of HopeSo we have been tossing around on the sea called the World Wide Web and have been trying different approaches, schemes and scams to make an income online. Always trying a new approach and getting farther and further from our initial goal to make a decent income online. Nothing seems to work and you start to wonder if all the people talking about making money online are for real, you start to loose hope thinking it was not meant to be for you. I can relate with those feelings and w