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December 03, 2018
I See the light at the end of the tunnel!I can't believe I made it. This is so exciting to me, I have been a nurse for so many years no commuter training and look at me now. I am learning a whole new career at the age 53 yr. I am in computer class writing now, writing this post. I had to let all of you know the exciting news. I have not had great news and achievements in so long. On task at time, one word at a time and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. YEAH!!!!
Families, we all have them. Its funny that some families are so close in connection and really look out for no another. They really have your back and not use it against you when you are down. Or make sure everyone know what they have done to help you out. The real life Brady Bunch. Do they really exist? Why can"t all families be like that. Yes, we all know they are corny but, after awhile you like Corny when you dont have a family. The thing I love about the Brady's is the way they t
November 23, 2018
I Won -- Now Show me the Money! Well I was sent an email and won the next award of Engagement for the year. I am very excited because I have worked hard to obtain the next level and I am In the 200's Which I havebeen shooting for as a goal. This is so simple but exciting at the same time. I love awards because this make me want to do even better and obtain the next award and I want you to Show me the Money. I am on my way so show me the way. Yeah Thank you my cyber
November 22, 2018
Well my one task in my module, to sign up for one program. So I picked one, this one did not give any percetages and seemed very involved. So was able to find a place to sign up and you have to state your entire business plan, I filled out everything including the business plan, made sure everything was saved and went on to the next task and came back sure enough everything was gone. Mind you I was frustrated and it was 5 Am, and nothing to show that I worked on for so long. So, my friend
November 22, 2018
Happy ThanksgivingI hope everyone is nice and full & enjoying your time with your family's. The hustle and bustle is here upon us. I use to love this season with all of the festivities, and parties to attend. The singing lauging and Shopping. I always have a large calender ready to go to make sure I do all of the christmas things that I want to do with my family. Since my situation has changed and I am trying to accept with little I have. I decided to change all of my traditions to s
November 20, 2018
I’m excited that I was ranked - brought it up on google and the website is not working- pictures are not showing and the articles will not come up - do u think if I go to support do u think they will help
I just checked google and I have been ranked- The green button states 100% I have 3 pages on line and that was the only ones on google - I am so excited. I am continuing playing around with the website to complete it - I have been increase the articles - I have 4 that is completed and need to be proof read before publishing. Now I am continuing on with my modules - Just needed to share the progress thank you
November 07, 2018
Managing Wordpress/ Woo ecomerce/ Glutenburg I need help or guidence, In how to set up our website. I already went through the training 3 times and found out the theme I chose, has their own directions. I love the theme but it has a lot of sliders. I have alot of it completed but the slider for the catagories is not working correctly, and the featured section I am not able to figure it out. I look at so many of your websites and they are so cool. I would like to find out how to
I forgot to inform you that I had to change my Business name from Second Pickings ( Which I thought was cute) to Kats Bohotique-- Painting director and my mentor stated it was negative to we came up with Kats Bohotique- Kats - is for my family names I used everyone first initial including my fur babies and bohotique I found on the internet. Plus It could show I have more than just furniture. The first name was Kats Kreation but it sounded like I only sold things I made. The last up date is
November 02, 2018
I would like to update up on EBay and by Furniture painting. Well I also work with a Website that teaches the business end of painting - so I have applied it to everything. I have 4 pieces of furniture on EBay. Research a little on Freight shipping very expensive, co. not helpful unless you have a piece to go. I am going with at first UShip and Fed Ex. - Fed ex seem more expensive but once I become a customer shipping supplies are free and they will show by how to either palette or crat