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September 03, 2014
We have a small Amish settlement a few miles from town. It's not unusual to see a horse and buggy going around town. They especially like going to yard sales. On weekends when the sales are going on you'll likely see three of four of them in town. But I digress. My blog is about one particular buggy. One afternoon while I was at work a pickup truck pulling a trailer with an Amish buggy on it pulled into the lot. The driver came in and asked me where I wanted him to put the buggy. Knowing nothin
August 29, 2014
I've just returned from a six day trip to Alabama! My daughter and her husband moved down there as he has a new job there. I rode down in the moving van, (front seat, not in the back!), and Sue rode down in the car following the truck. There was no computer at that time, so consequently I missed posting and reading posts. I checked my mail this evening and had 233 items listed in my box. Looks like a few hours needed to get them all read. But I intend to do just that! Just a heads up to let you
August 15, 2014
Brownie was a nice pet. A Chow, he was a nice gentle dog. His only fault? He loved to bark. I don't care if it was only a bug, or a horse and buggy going past the house he would bark, and bark, and bark! Back then our yard was fenced in. At that time my grandmother lived with us. One of her sons, my uncle Wade, lived in Chicago. He wasn't much of a dog lover and would always wait till one of us would come to the gate, shoo Brownie back, and let him in. Two or three times a year, he would ride
I was working at my computer a couple of weeks ago when there was a knock on the door. Sue was sitting in the living room, but before she could get up the door swung open. Janet (her sister) and our nest door neighbor stuck her head in the door and yelled, "Byron, grab your camera and get out here!" "What? Why?" "Just grab your camera, get your rear in gear, and get out here." "Okay, okay. JEESH! I grabbed my camera, got my rear in gear, and went to the door. The picture shows what she was so e
August 03, 2014
My wife and I attended a 50th. wedding anniversary party a couple of weeks ago. I took my trusty Kodak with me. I shot several pictures before my batteries (which had been used for several shots before) died. I replaced the batteries but the camera wouldn't work. I took the batteries out and replaced with some other new ones I had. The camera still refused to work. I told my wife that it looked like buying another camera was in the offing. "You're not buying another camera. Let me see the darne
July 23, 2014
I was asked to put a couple of pictures taken with my Kodak on my blog post! So I'll give it a try. Remember the large moon of a couple of weeks ago? Remember how shiny it was! Well with just a little adjustment on my Kodak I can get rid of the shine! We'll see what the moon really looks like! And with some help from Picassa, my photo program, we can give it a little more life than that. I just wanted to show what can be done with a less expensive digital camera. Notice on the lef
I own a Kodak Easyshare Z915 digital camera. Not the most expensive digital by any means, but does a tremendous job of taking pictures. I don't remember the exact price, but it was somewhere in the neighbor hood of $200.00. I've taken a tremendous amount of pictures with it and am 99.9% satisfied with them. I've had a few pictures that were bad but would guess the fault lies with the photographer rather than the camera. Although it has an adjustment wheel on the top of the camera with 9 differ
When I was fresh out of high school I used to work evenings at the Standard filling station in town. When 10:00 pm rolled around I'd close up and then drive up to the courthouse. Two of my friends would meet me there and we would get out of our cars and sit on the court house lawn. Most of the traffic at that time of night consisted of teenagers. We'd wave and yell at the cars as they drove by. They'ed honk and wave and yell at us as they passed. I think we even had a derogatory comment yelled
June 20, 2014
When I was a freshman in high school I joined the school's camera club. Being able to use the high school's darkroom gave me quite a thrill. I printed many a black and white picture using that old Elwood 5 X 7 enlarger. I was a member of the club all four years that i was in high school. My senior year I was elected president of the club. Towards the end of my senior year a photographer was called in to take the senior pictures for the yearbook. I was tagged to help him with the lighting. Back
It is still amazing to me what digital cameras are capable of doing. My first camera (bunches of years ago) was a small Kodak twin lens reflex. My father bought it for me when I first became interested in photography. Sixty five years have passed and I'm still interested in Photography. Anyhow, back to my first camera. It used 127 black & white or color film. 12 exposures to the roll. If I remember right it cost dad $12.00. We were a poorer family at the time and I'm not sure dad could affo