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Hello to all My Beloved Family Members of WA,It's been well over a year since I've posted my last blog (I think much longer actually) and since then I've secured myself in a very high-paying niche (gold and precious metals individual retirement accounts), and what I basically do is sell precious metals IRA's to very rich, elderly and retired people. The minimum investment amount is $10k, with the average investment being around $100k, and the commission is 3%. What that means for me is that it'
I just upgraded to yearly, and I have to say, I feel like a little kid who was just given a game console for his birthday! (Do kids still get video game consoles nowadays?)I want to thank my dad who has supported me through all 31 years of my life, and who paid for my yearly subscription here at WA - right on Father's Day, as well! I guess the best Father's Day present may be seeing one's child happy and maybe even more so if that happiness can be shared through a proven formula for success.I'm