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Hi to all at WA

My real name is Christopher and I am married to Elsa have two sons.
My photo will tell my age when I have taken one and learned to upload.
They say at WA that taking action while learning is the big key, so I am practicing
just that.

I am a Financial Accountant and Tax Practitioner by profession. You may ask why then Affiliate Marketing. For now let me just say "my job owns me" I need to "buy some time", that means to me that I should leverage my time for more income so that I can have quality of life time.

I trust as I learn here I will be able to leverage my time to eventually work once and receive residual income from my efforts.

My hobbies, Bee Keeping is one of them but no time to really look after the hobby as I should, have two hives but no time to robe them. Hope this will all change as I learn to earn.

My Interests gardening, I believe in eating organically grown veggies but no time to practice that either. My wife and I also have laying hens which we enjoy keeping, just love those rich yellow organic tasty eggs.

My IM experience up till now only been spending $$$ and lost a lot of money and made 0$, So I have absolutely no IM experience, have some knowledge from the past experiences but no actual experience. So I have joined the Wealth Affiliate University to learn how.

I could only do the first task when I joined to send e-mail invitations to my friends to join me at WAU

Thank you
Busy Bee
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Moonstone Premium
Hi Busy Bee - I haven't heard the coke one before. Yes i think its saying keep going until you succeed.
Heart2Heart Premium
Hi Busy Bee this is your flower and I would like to know if you want to be buddies?
Busy Bee Premium
Hi Flower
Sure love to be your buddy Flower and welkom aboard at WAU.
Do you know why the Bee's went on strike,
"for more honey and shorter flowers"
Thats why I joined WAU to make more money and work shorter hours.
Thanks Busy Bee
Mettananda Premium
Welcome Christopher, I wish you a good start and success with WA. I'm also a newcomer. Your Rolf
Busy Bee Premium
Hi Rolf I have been quite for too long now need to rev things up, any how are you doing?
Trucker Dave Premium
Hey and welcome aboard You only have to click add buddy on the page profile you are looking at to add them,
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family